Support for Lecturers

  1. Tips for a successful lecture

Part 1 General Overview

Part 2 PPT Checklist

  1. Inclusive Language Guide

UBC is committed to supporting teachers in implementing inclusive course design and teaching practices. This inclusive language guide is developed by the Office of Faculty Development & Educational Support, and the Office of Respectful Environments, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, and is designed to support those teaching in lecture, small group, and clinical settings.

  1. Land Acknowledgement Resource

Doing a land/territory acknowledgement helps insert an awareness of indigenous presence and land rights in everyday life. This quick guide describes how to create and deliver a digital land/territory acknowledgement and why it is important to promote awareness.

This resource has been created in consultation with CTLT Indigenous Initiatives and the Center for Excellence in Indigenous Health, UBC.

  1. Lecture PPT Template

This is a PowerPoint that lecturers can use for MEDD411/412/421/422.

The second-to-last slide in this slide deck is a reminder for students to complete their Teacher Assessment From. Feel free to include that slide in your presentation if you received notification that you lecture will be assessed this academic year - this information should be included in the confirmation email you received from the program.


If applicable, please consider including one slide at the beginning or at the end of your lecture illustrating how the condition/topic you're presenting intersects with Planetary Health/Climate Change. This is particularly relevant when discussing some chronic conditions.

The Canadian Climate Wise Team has created a repository of slides that cover many conditions and these can be freely available through the following link (users will only need to acknowledge the source of the slides): Climate Wise Slides

  1. Assessment of Teacher by Learner - FAQ Info Sheet

This resource, created by the Teacher Assessment team, is an information sheet that provides answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding assessment of teachers by learners.

  1. Course readings to support UGME instruction

This document outlines how to select reading materials for your course/session.

  1. Piazza Guide

A user guide for faculty and students on how to engage on Piazza.

For instructions on how to navigate Piazza, go to Piazza Guide for Instructors

  1. Plug-in for PowerPoint

The Plug-in allows instructors to operate while remaining in sharing-mode in their PowerPoint presentation.

  1. For information on how to lecture over zoom including how to use Piazza, please visit
  1. For support on aligning your session’s learning objectives with virtual tools available in zoom, please see Active Learning Strategies – Synchronous Sessions 2021
  1. For one-on-one support with planning the structure of your lecture and ways to embed engagement, please contact the FoM Office of Faculty Development at If you would like support with using technology for recording lectures, please email EdTech at
  2. For presenting remotely over Zoom, we suggest performing a connectivity check with Digital Solutions to ensure a quality connection and an optimized environment, such as checking sound quality and lighting. We recommend getting in touch with the MedIT Service Desk at at least 24 hours in advance of your presentation.