Mandate and Structure

The Office of Faculty Development fulfills the strategic plan of the Faculty of Medicine at UBC by supporting faculty in their roles as teachers and cultivates a culture of teaching that fosters faculty engagement and inclusion.

Our Mandate

The Office has a mandate to support faculty at all levels of teaching through a province-wide delivery model. The Office:


  • Plans, develops, implements, and evaluates effective and flexible educational activities and materials that meet the current and future needs of individual teachers and educational programs.
  • Supports a collaborative, interprofessional network of teachers and clinician educators to meet needs of provincial Faculty of Medicine learners.
  • Facilitates the development and renewal of life-long teaching competencies and educational leadership of members of the faculty, and promotes a culture of teaching and learning within the Faculty.

Our Structure

Faculty development (FD) operates as a network across UBC’s distributed campuses. Each distributed site (IMP, NMP, SMP, VFMP) has a Regional FD Director who develops and delivers programming based on the needs of faculty at each site, which vary due to size, geography, and other contextual factors. The role of The Office is to ensure that FD occurs in a coordinated way across all distributed sites and to provide support and direction to the Regional FD Directors in programmatic areas that affect all faculty. Programmatic areas of need emerge from accreditation standards, programmatic needs and evaluation findings, and from the Faculty of Medicine’s strategic plan.

The Office supports FD needs of both the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Medical Programs at UBC. Additionally, the Office supports the Health Science programs (ie. Audiology & Speech Sciences, Genetic Counselling, Midwifery, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy) and Graduate Studies in the Faculty of Medicine to assist in meeting their FD needs.

The Office collaborates with the Office of Respective environments, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, CPD, Center for Health Education Scholarship, and Digital Solutions and others as appropriate to fulfil its mandate.