Feedback to Teachers

The Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) Program strives to provide faculty with feedback from students on their teaching. Where possible, we recommend that you integrate both giving and receiving feedback into your teaching session. This will help you reflect on the session while it is fresh and guide your planning as you continue to teach.

Receiving Feedback

Through a more formal process, all UBC learners provide feedback to teachers at the end of a required learning experience, such as a clinical rotation or a cluster of small group sessions. Using forms appropriate for the teaching activity (clinical, large group/academic session or small group), learners provide both a rating of their experience and narrative comments. To limit student survey burden, you won’t be assessed each time you teach.

Providing Feedback

For helpful tips on how to provide constructive feedback, for both learners and faculty, please have a look at the Principles of Constructive Feedback.

Assessment of Teacher by Learner

FAQ Info sheet for Faculty and Teachers

The Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) Program strives to provide faculty and teachers with feedback from learners on their teaching. Click the button below for common questions Educational Leads and teachers have regarding this process.

For a more detailed review of protocols and procedures related to feedback on your teaching, please review the Faculty of Medicine’s policy: Assessment of Teachers by Learners (022). If you have any questions related to the process of Teacher Assessment or Feedback, please contact


You will receive an electronic report via One45 usually twice a year, 3 months after either the term and at the end of the academic year, provided that you have been assessed by 4 or more learners. If you do not receive a minimum of 4 assessments, you can request informal feedback from your Educational Lead.

Viewing Reports on One45

Once reports are compiled, the One45 system will send you a notification email that your report is ready for viewing. Click on the enclosed email link, log in, then proceed to your To Do’s page in One45.

Click here for detailed information on accessing and understanding your reports.

Discussing Feedback

When you receive your feedback report on One45, you may also receive a list of Peer Support Volunteers who have made themselves available to meet with you to discuss questions or concerns you may have. To learn more about the Peer Support Volunteer Program, click the button below.

Feedback for Promotion and Advancement

If you are going for promotion and or advancement, you can request to be assessed at any time. Teachers who are going for promotion, re-appointment, tenure or awards and would like to ensure that they are assessed, should self identify by filling out the assessment request form, prior to the start of the term or educational activity that they are teaching in.

Assessment Request

Assessment requests are for teachers who are going for promotions, re-appointment, tenure or awards. You may submit your request by emailing:

Report Request

Report requests are for teachers who are going for promotions, re-appointment, tenure or awards and require a multiple year history of their assessments by students in the UBC Undergraduate Medical Education Program. You may submit your request by filling out the following form:

Teacher Assessment Forms for Faculty and Residents

The following are sample forms that students will use to assess their faculty and resident teachers:

Faculty Teacher Forms:

Academic Session/Large Group


Small Group

Resident Teacher Forms:

RT Academic Session/Large Group

RT Clinical

RT Small Group


Teacher Assessment General Inbox: