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UGME Academic
Administrative Leads Group

This group meets to discuss and learn topics relevant to supervising faculty and leadership such as teacher assessment related support.

Members: UGME educational leads who support teachers by virtue of their ex officio role and other academic leaders e.g., course leadership, site leadership, DSSL, deans

How to join: For more information or to join, please email

Facilitators and Contributors

The Office of Faculty Development welcomes faculty who have an who have an interest in contributing to faculty development in various ways such as developing teaching materials, facilitating sessions, and being involved in faculty development initiatives such as facilitation of topical subjects in equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Members: Faculty from the Faculty of Medicine who are interested in contributing to faculty development initiatives.

Current opportunities: Facilitators of Residents as Teachers sessions and content experts to support development of facilitation materials.

How to join: For more information, please email with your area of interest.

Resident Advisory Group

The purpose of the Resident Advisory Group is to provide a resident perspective for faculty development initiatives such as Residents as Teachers and the creation of modules to address the learning environment. Residents who are interested in teaching are encouraged to join to guide the development of programs and resources related to teaching faculty and residents.

Members: Residents from all programs and all years.

How to join: For more information, the Terms of Reference, and to join, please email