An Introduction to Teaching

There are more than 10,000 clinical faculty members who contribute to the Faculty of Medicine. As clinical faculty, you will be role models for the next generation of health care providers, and your teaching will help shape them.


Clinical Faculty Roles

Clinical faculty fulfill a wide variety of teaching roles, which includes teaching in both the Undergraduate (UGME) and Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) programs, including small group, large group and clinical contexts.

This guide provides an overview of core components of your role, like curriculum, receiving feedback, assessing learners, and an introduction to key concepts when teaching with patient care.

Clinical Teaching Mini Modules cover key teaching concepts and are a good place to start your teaching journey. We recommend going through them in order.

More Teaching Resources includes valuable learning to continue your teaching journey, including modules on Inclusivity, Inclusive Language, Gender Bias, and small group learning.

Administrative Information outlines the advantages and benefits of a clinical faculty appointment and provides information on important systems and policies for advancement and promotion.

Curriculum Overview gives you an idea of what leaners are expected to know and what clinical experiences they should have the opportunity to participate in.

Feedback to Teachers  gives information on how learners provide feedback to their teachers, how to receive a report on your feedback, and discussing feedback with peers. Includes sample assessment forms and FAQ.

Assessment of Learners gives you an overview of the different assessment modalities in UGME and PGME and provides detailed resources to help you understand the various processes and forms involved in assessing learners.



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