An Introduction to Teaching in the Faculty of Medicine

In the clinical years learners acquire knowledge and skill through direct experience under your supervision. The following mini-modules illustrate integration of our core values with best teaching practices. They also offer valuable insights and practical tips for teaching.

The four modules cover the interrelated concepts of co-creating goals, doing direct observation and giving feedback, engaging in collaborative questioning to probe clinical reasoning, and reflecting on the experience to offer guidance for self-directed learning.

We recommend going through the modules in order, but they can be completed as stand-alone modules as well.
Co-Creating Mutual Goals - This module explores how to create mutual goals and develop an educational alliance with learners.
Direct Observation and Feedback - This module looks at how direct observation and feedback can serve as a guide to help learners improve clinical skills.
Probing Clinical Reasoning through Collaborative Questioning - This module looks at how you can probe clinical reasoning in a way that is collaborative and encourages learner engagement.
Reflection and Feedback Conversations - The module on Direct Observation and Feedback dealt with conversations which happen in the immediacy of clinical work. This module looks at wider-ranging feedback conversations.

Assessing Learners

For information on how learners are assessed in the UGME and PGME at UBC, visit the Assessing Learners page. 


For information and relevant links on curriculum in UGME and PGME at UBC, visit the Curriculum page.

Feedback on Teaching

Where possible, we recommend that you integrate both giving feedback and receiving feedback into your teaching session. This will help you reflect on the session while it is fresh and guide your planning as you continue to teach.

In UGME, please visit our Feedback to Teachers page for information on teaching feedback in the UGME, relevant documents, and contacts: Feedback to Teachers

In PGME, for details on the process for receiving feedback on your teaching of residents, please contact your program.

Help & Administrative Support

For information on getting a CWL, Accessing the UBC Library, teaching and tracking payments, and more visit the Help & Administrative Support page.