Welcome to the Faculty of Medicine – An Introductory Resource

As clinical faculty, you will play a vital role in realizing the Faculty of Medicine’s bold vision of “Transforming Health for Everyone”. You will be the role-models for the next generation of physicians, and the values you reflect will shape them.

In the following sections we introduce you to our ‘Core Values’ at the Faculty of Medicine and illustrate how our learning environment and teaching practices embody them.

Our learning relationships and practices reflect our core values of: 

Respect, by creating a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment where different people and ideas are shown regard.

Integrity, by modelling honest and ethical practice and demonstrating transparency and intellectual candour in teaching. Authentic feedback to learners which is based on direct observation also reflects integrity in teaching.

Compassion, by showing kindness and empathy to patients, colleagues and learners and others in the working and learning environment

Collaboration, by developing an educational alliance with the learner and working towards shared and co-constructed goals and by encouraging collaborative questioning. 

Equity, by striving to  meet learners where they are, providing them with opportunities for learning and growth and being inclusive in action and language.