Peer Coaching for Large Group Learning

Peer Coaching for Large Group Learning aims to provide faculty who teach large groups with the opportunity to be observed by a peer and receive feedback.

Who is the program for?

Peer Coaching is for faculty who teach large groups in either the UGME or PGME program.

What is the goal of the program?

The goal of Peer Coaching is to improve large group teaching by faculty.

  1. Complete the Large Group Learning Primers and log your completion. 
  2. Sign-up with a peer-partner or be matched with a partner based on your lecture dates and availability. The forms are found at the end of each primer. If already completed, sign-up below. 
  3. Identify your personal goals for the program using the worksheet provided. 
  4. Attend an in-person orientation session to learn about the coaching process, the value of peer coaching, and meet your peer coach partner. 
  5. Attend your peer coach partner’s large group session and provide feedback using the worksheet provided. 
  6. Meet over the phone or in-person and provide each other with feedback after you and your partner have observed each other’s large group sessions. 
  7. Discuss your improvement plan further with an experienced lecturer. (Optional and by request only) 
  8. Fill out a final reflection on your change in teaching and receive a completion certificate.

The program requires a time commitment of approximately four hours over six months. 

Please note peer coaching is not an assessment of teaching and will not be used for evaluative purposes. 


Interested faculty can learn more about how to participate in a confidential, peer-review of their large group learning session by emailing