Educational Technology team

The Faculty of Medicine (FOM) Educational Technology (Ed Tech) team support faculty with technology enabled teaching.

1-on-1 Training and Support – For more help with any of the below applications, or any other education technology supported by FOM, please email: for an appointment to meet with our Learning Technology Rovers on Zoom. They can answer quick questions and guide you through the application. They will usually be able to meet with you on the same day.

Zoom Support

Need a reminder of how Zoom works? – Here is our Instructor’s ZOOM Cheat Sheet.

Want to elevate your Zoom sessions? – Here are Tips for a Better Zoom Session. Support

Need help with using – Here is our  Slid.Do User Guide

Faculty Lecture Recording Options:

Faculty can self-record lecturers with PowerPoint, Camtasia, and Zoom. Each option is outlined below as well as the different levels of support possible with each tool. Additionally, faculty can use another tool they are comfortable with, as long as the video recording is provided in high-resolution, MP4 file formats. If you require support to ensure your recording is high-resolution and in an MP4 file format, please contact the Educational Technology team.



In a hurry? Try the FOM Zoom Recording System. Your recording will be automatically uploaded and made accessible to students. Please note that these recordings begin when the call begins and no editing is possible. To schedule the recording, contact the UBC program department administrator that advises you of your lecture dates.

*Please note this is currently only available for UG and PG Medicine

Make your own recording! Using your UBC Zoom account you can self-record your lecture at any time and onto your own device. You will then need to send the lecture recording file to your UBC program department administrator. UBC Zoom accounts are available free to all faculty, staff and students.

*PHSA Zoom license do not allow recording and users of those accounts will need a UBC Zoom account to self-record their lecture on their own device. Apply for a UBC Zoom account here.
Need help? The Ed Tech team can assist you in recording your lecture, provide some additional editing or corrections, and then send the video file to the appropriate UBC program department administrator (please note that this option is subject to staff availability). To find out more please email:
Short on time? Lecturing with PowerPoint? You can simply record a voiceover PowerPoint presentation. Learn how here. Please contact the UBC program department administrator who advises you of your lecture dates to send them the recording.
Looking for something a little better? Camtasia Support – If you would like to create a more advanced self-recorded lecture presentation, Camtasia provides you all the tools to record and edit engaging lectures. This editing software is available free to all faculty, staff and students. Download this software via the UBC Software Centre. Watch our Camtasia tutorial videos below and learn more tips from the pros at Ed Tech.


Some fantastic resources on synchronous and asynchronous teaching:

  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Session Guide – This module will help you make the most of your virtual synchronous and asynchronous teaching. It addresses common issues and provides practical tips and tools for planning, organizing, and delivering a successful virtual presentation.
  • Educational Technology’s Online Teaching Guide – Here you will find best practices for recording your own videos at home, including some equipment recommendations, as well as tips and tricks!

Bad audio can ruin a great lesson, learn the benefits of and how to record great audio

Check out these great Camtasia guides!


Piazza Discussion Board Integration

UBC’s Faculty of Medicine Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) program is utilizing the Piazza discussion board tool to:

  • Foster a sense of teacher presence
  • Provide opportunities for student questions to be answered by experts
  • Build a teaching and learning community

Each week in MEDD 411, MEDD 412, MEDD 421, and MEDD 422 will be linked to a corresponding thread within the Piazza discussion board where students can post questions regarding the lecture content as well as answer other students’ posted questions. Lecturers can login to Piazza to review and answer student questions or “endorse” a correct answer posted by students. Check out this Piazza Pedagogical Guide.

How to access Piazza

The Piazza discussion board will be linked directly to the lecture recording on Entrada, allowing students to pose and respond to questions easily after they have finished watching the lecture. While peer-to-peer learning is encouraged, lecturers will also have the option of joining the discussion board to answer questions directly themselves.

The Piazza Instructor Guide will help lecturers navigate Piazza. For additional help, please reach out to the Educational Technology team below.



Digital Solutions – Educational Technology team support

The Educational Technology team can support you with set up and training for asynchronous teaching. Contact them for help with self-recording a lecture using Camtasia, or accessing Piazza.



Faculty Development Support

If you have any questions about shifting your teaching approach from face-to-face to virtual or blended modalities or would like to receive one-on-one consultation, please contact The Office of Faculty Development and Educational Support.