Educational Technology team

The Faculty of Medicine (FOM) Educational Technology team support faculty with technology enabled teaching.

Zoom Support


Do you have some quick questions about ZOOM?  Come to our Drop-in Clinic, clinics run daily, Monday to Friday from 12:00-1:00pm.

Click here within the hours posted above to join the drop-in clinic (you will immediately enter the session).

Need a reminder of how Zoom works?


Instructor’s ZOOM Cheat Sheet

Never used Zoom?

Sign up for our “Teaching with Zoom” training workshop? – The virtual workshop runs every Wednesday at 1PM.

Need 1 to 1 help?

You can make an appointment to consult with us generally or to dry-run some Zoom tools such as breakout or To make an appointment please go to this: link

Self-Recording Your Lecture

Four Options

Choose the option that best suits your needs for self-recording your lecture:

  1. Schedule to record your lecture from your computer directly onto the FOM lecture recording system. It will then be automatically uploaded and made accessible to students. Please note that these recordings are “Warts and all” – no editing is possible.
  2. Make your own recording with your UBC Zoom account. You can self-record your lecture when you want to onto your own device. You will then need to send the lecture recording file to your program administrator. UBC Zoom accounts are available to all faculty, staff and students. Complete an account application here.
  3. Get help from our team with your recording. A team member will then make any minor editing corrections that are required and send the video file onto the appropriate program administrator (please note that this option is subject to staff availability).
  4. Looking for something a little better? You can create a more advanced screen capture lecture using Camtasia which is available to all faculty, staff and students. Instructions on how to download the software via the UBC Software Centre are available here.

NOTE: Please ensure your program administrators are aware of your plans. To make an appointment to discuss these options in more detail please email:

Learn how to create your lectures on Camtasia from the pros at Ed Tech

These short video tutorials will help you get started with Camtasia.

Learn the video editing tools Camtasia provides in this tutorial on the user interface.

Now you are ready to edit your video, but how? Here is a step by step guide to editing in Camtasia.

You’ve finished editing your masterpiece, now learn how to add those final touches and export to share with your audience.

Bad audio can ruin a great lesson, learn the benefits of and how to record great audio.