Residents as Teachers

At UBC, we recognize that there’s a growing need to support residents in becoming effective teachers. The Office of Faculty Development and the Postgraduate Medical Education Office assists programs in teaching their residents how to teach. We work with Program Directors to provide RaT curriculum and facilitation materials. Programs are encouraged to adapt the curriculum materials to fit their context. We also help programs directors to identify facilitators and train them to conduct RaT sessions.

The Office of Faculty Development will facilitate the RaT topics virtually throughout the year. All residents are welcome to attend. Click here to view the full schedule.


Integrating RaT into your residency program will:

  • Ensure that residents are ready to teach students and patients effectively.
  • Fulfill the CanMEDS scholar role of the competency framework required for accreditation.


The RaT curriculum can be easily adapted and incorporated into individual residency training programs. We support each residency program through the process of establishing its RaT program. We will also help to organize and evaluate the learning sessions.


RaT requires monitoring for quality improvement and effectiveness. We ask that all residency programs share their RaT evaluation data with the Office of Faculty Development.

Unsure if your program has already implemented RaT? Click here to see a list of included programs.

Family Practice has a customized RaT program. For more information, visit the Family Practice Resident as Teachers webpage.