About Us

Our goal is to empower teachers to be successful by developing a model for educational support that takes into account the needs of all teaching sites and teachers at all career stages.



  • Support the mission of the Faculty of Medicine by planning, developing, implementing and evaluating effective, efficient, sustainable and flexible educational activities that meet the current and future needs of individual teachers and the Faculty.
  • Inspire, support and organize a collaborative, inter-professional network of teachers and clinician educators to meet needs of provincial Faculty of Medicine learners based on scholarly inquiry.
  • Facilitate the development and renewal of teaching learning competencies, educational leadership and scholarly activities of members of the Faculty, and to promote a culture of teaching and learning within the Faculty.

Organizational Structure

Faculty development at UBC occurs within a distributed model. The Office of Faculty Development acts as a coordinating centre and there are also faculty development teams at each of the distributed medical program sites: the Island Medical Program (IMP), the Northern Medical Program (NMP), the Southern Medical Program (SMP), and the Vancouver-Fraser Medical Program (VFMP). Given the large amount of family medicine practitioners, there is also a separate faculty development team within the Department of Family Practice. Members of the faculty development network are as follows: