Years 3 & 4 Resources for Clinical Faculty and Residents

This page provides a comprehensive list of curriculum and assessment resources for Year 3 and Year 4 Clinical Preceptors including Workplace Based Assessment (WBA) Orientation, Clinical Procedures and Patient Encounters, and discipline-specific Clinical Learning Objectives.

Year 3 & 4 Clearkship Resources

Year 3 – MEDD 431 Clerkship Syllabus (Final v29 – June 15, 2022) – The purpose of this syllabus is to provide students and their clinical teachers an overview of the various clinical objectives of students’ daily clinical work during their Clerkship year. It also provides a brief outline of the assessment requirements of Clerkship along with a list of required and recommended readings.

Years 3 & 4 Workplace Based Assessment (WBA) OrientationThis module will provide an overview of Workplace Based Assessment (WBA) in Years 3 & 4 of the MD Undergraduate Program (MDUP). It provides an overview of programmatic assessment modalities used in the MDUP Program and then looks at specific aspects of WBA and completing Direct Observations forms. 

Year 3 Assessment PackageThis package contains a comprehensive breakdown of UBC MDUP assessment modalities, assessment schedules, and requirements to pass assessment modalities. There is also a reference guide for WBA, logging of Patient Encounters and Clinical Procedures, and End of Rotation Assessments (Rotational) and Clinical Performance Reviews (ICC). 

Year 4 Assessment Package – Approval end of June, 2023.

Year 3 Clinical Procedures and Patient Encounters

All Mandatory Clinical Procedures (Must DO) and Patient Encounters (Must SEE) – Clinical Procedure/Patient Encounter Logging has been identified for each discipline and every attempt should be made for students to meet these objectives.  As students in this rotation work closely with, and are taught by, preceptors, it is important that you are aware of the objectives they are required to achieve in this rotation. Please strive to support students to complete these mandatory clinical experiences.

Discipline-specific Year 3 Clinical Procedures and Patient Encounters

Discipline-specific Year 3 Clinical Learning Objectives

End of Rotation (EOR – Year 3) and End of Elective (EOE – Year 4) forms and Guidelines for Clinical Preceptors 

Year 3 End of Rotation Assessment form – SAMPLE This form is completed by the designated Supervisor, Primary Preceptor, Discipline-Specific Site Leader (DSSL) or Clerkship Director at the end of the rotation.

Year 4 End of Elective Assessment form – SAMPLE – Approval End of June 2023 – This form is completed by the designated Supervisor, Primary Preceptor, Discipline-Specific Site Leader (DSSL) or Clerkship Director at the end of the rotation.

Guidelines for UBC Clinical Faculty Completing End of Rotation Evaluations to inlcude comments for the Medical Student Performance Record (MSPR) – The EoR has been changed to allow for separation of the formative comments as guidance for student improvement from summative comments that will become a part of the students’ MSPR for CaRMS residency applications. The purpose of the MSPR Summative Comments is to highlight the unique qualities of the learner. The purpose of this document is to help support clinical faculty in this process. We advise that faculty choose MSPR comments that distinguish this student from others, keeping in mind that these comments will be used externally.