Teaching in the Faculty of Medicine

The University of British Columbia (UBC) Faculty of Medicine contributes to the health of individuals and communities locally, nationally and internationally by fostering excellence, innovation and scholarship in education, research, and care.

The MD Undergraduate Program (UGME) strives to deliver exemplary distributed medical education that prepares future physicians to collaborate with patients and their circle of support in providing culturally safe, high-quality healthcare for the diverse and changing populations in BC and beyond, including Indigenous Peoples, people living in rural and remote communities, and people with unique healthcare needs.

288 students are enrolled into the program each year and prepared to embrace generalist or specialist postgraduate training to further prepare them for medical practice.

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The Postgraduate Medical Education Program (PGME)  has, over the past two decades, helped transform the landscape of medical education in B.C. — in both size and reach.

Using a province-wide delivery model, nearly 1400 postgraduate learners are currently engaged in training across the province, creating clusters of learning and enhancing service capacity in the Lower Mainland, on the Island, the Interior and in the North — including rural and remote communities of B.C.

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