Scenario Library for Teaching

The Scenario Library for Teaching provides a repository of scenarios that illustrate breaches of a safe learning environment or best practices in teaching within the Faculty of Medicine. The scenarios have been developed and produced by the Office of Faculty Development in collaboration with content experts in each area.

This library provides experienced Faculty of Medicine facilitators with illustrative scenarios which can be embedded within workshops or presentations and serve as a tool to promote interactive participation. As the facilitator, you must select scenarios to align with your subject matter and intended learning outcomes. You can customize the activity and discussion to the context in which you are teaching.

The library provides a searchable table to assist you in finding appropriate scenarios to support your sessions’ learning outcomes. We update the table continuously as new scenarios are developed. We have started this library with scenarios related to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. The scenario materials are housed in Teams.

Please contact[at] when you:

  • require access to the repository of scenarios in Teams
  • are interested in contributing a scenario you have previously developed
  • would like consideration of a new scenario to be developed
  • require any assistance in accessing the Scenario Library for Teaching

Scenario Materials

Each scenario is provided as a 1 slide PowerPoint presentation. For some of the scenarios, additional reference slides are provided. The scenario materials are best suited for Presentation mode when facilitating. The presentation contains:

  • a simply formatted visual presentation slide
  • corresponding speaker notes detailing the scenario and providing facilitation tips
  • sample questions for you to revise for your participants to discuss
  • when provided, the notes also include evidence-backed research and cited references to provide you with additional context for your facilitation

Both the slide and speaker notes can be edited to include additional specific formatting, context, your own additional speaking notes, and your own specific questions to guide your group’s discussions.

Using the Library Table

  • The table is set to display 5 scenarios. Select the drop-down menu to change the number of rows displayed.
  • Each column heading can be used to sort the materials alphabetically.
  • The Search field is used to filter the scenarios to display only those identified with the word used for your search.
  • Preview the scenario by clicking on the corresponding Preview image.
  • Download the scenario using the corresponding link.  This opens the scenario materials in Teams once you have been provided access to the Teaching Scenario Library channel.
  • Save your own unique copy of the scenario to use for your modifications.

Please Note:

We update the table continuously as new scenarios are developed.
We recommend you visit this page each time you are looking for “just the right” scenario to enhance session activities.

ProgramSettingSetting (secondary) Scenario FocusScenario Focus (secondary)Character FocusPreviewLink to DownloadRelease/ update
UGMEclinicalRacismY3 Medical StudentLink to UGMEr1June 8, 2021
PGMEclinicalRacismResidentLink to PGMEr1June 8, 2021
AllclinicalanyGender IdentityImplicitFaculty MemberLink to FacultyGI1June 8, 2021
AllclinicalRacismMed Student/ ResidentLink to MEr1June 8, 2021
AllanyRacismFaculty MemberLink to FacInd1June 8, 2021
UGMEanysmall grp sessionImplicitGender RacismY1 Medical StudentLink to UGMErg1June 8, 2021
PGMEclinicallarge grp sessionGenderImplicitResidentLink to PGMEg1June 8, 2021
Allclinicalsmall grp sessionImplicitLanguage useLearnerLink to SMGClinical1June 8, 2021
AllclinicalSexual OrientationLanguage useFaculty MemberLink to LanguageClinical2June 8, 2021
Allclinicalsmall grp sessionRacismLanguage useLearnerLink to LanguageClinical3June 8, 2021
Alllarge grp sessionany presentationRacismLanguage useFaculty MemberLink to LanguageAnyJune 8, 2021
ProgramSettingSetting (secondary)Scenario FocusScenario Focus (secondary)Character FocusPreviewLink to DownloadRelease/ update

Scenario Facilitation Tips and Techniques

If you are new to facilitating this type of challenging discussions activity, we recommend the following available supporting resources to guide your practice:

Available Supporting Resources: