For Residents

Are you a resident who wants formal education on how to teach? Do you find yourself teaching medical students, colleagues and patients, or will you in the future? Residents are both learners and educators. They are responsible for teaching medical students, resident colleagues, health care workers, and patients. Their teaching has a major impact on undergraduate and postgraduate medical education and patient care.


  • Training on teaching in the clinical setting and the classroom
  • Opportunities to apply teaching skills during your residency and as a licensed physician
  • Dedicated academic half days
  • Opportunities to teach a RaT session for your program
  • A certificate for completing the RaT program

Program Status

Our goal is to give all UBC residents the opportunity to learn how to teach. Many programs have already offered RaT to their residents.

To find out your program’s implementation status:

  • Consult the list of residency programs implementing RaT
  • Contact your program director
  • Email us at