For Program Administrators

Many administrators already use one45 to track didactic teaching sessions. Once your schedule has been confirmed and facilitators have been identified, you can schedule your RaT sessions in one45 using the Academic Calendar Tool. You can also track attendance and collect feedback.

Before your first RaT session, please confirm your participation with Erica Amari, Program Manager

Tips for Using one45

  • Create templates for RaT sessions using your existing calendars, or create a separate RaT calendar.
  • Use “RaT” in the title of your session template or topic (e.g., AHD – RAT)
  • To send the evaluation form before or after the event, attach a RaT evaluation form to the Sendout section
  • To be automatically removed from attendees’ to dos after a specific date, include a close date on your forms
  • Ensure either you or your attendees are tracking their attendance for each of the sessions

Need help?

To activate the Academic Calendar tool, or if you require any further training on how to use it, contact your one45 Support Analyst

For other technical issues, contact:
Liz Rota, Educational Administrative Systems Support Analyst
Phone: 604-875-4111 ext. 61977