For Faculty

Do your residents want formal learning opportunities to learn to teach? Do you see a gap in your residency program’s curriculum? Residents play an integral role in our healthcare system: caring for patients while training to become expert practitioners. Teaching skills are the foundation of effective patient care.


  • Help fulfill the CanMEDS scholar and communicator roles for accreditation
  • Receive a status report of your program’s RaT development
  • Support planning your RaT schedule, topics, and assessment
  • Access to core curriculum materials and evaluations

We offer:

  • Assistance understanding your program’s needs
  • Help planning your curriculum and course schedule
  • Access to curriculum, assessment, and evaluation materials
  • Access to our Train-the-Trainer workshops
  • Support tracking attendance and collecting evaluations

RaT for Family Practice

Family Practice has a customized RaT program. For more information, visit the Family Practice Resident as Teacher webpage.