Strategic Initiatives

Faculty Development Initiative Grants

Faculty Development Initiatives Grant Program

The Faculty Development Initiatives Grant provides funding for projects that support our mandate to a maximum of $10,000. Projects engaging multiple stakeholders across departments and/or sites, and those with broad applicability will be preferred. This funding is NOT intended to support development of curriculum materials or educational research. Letters of intent are accepted in January. Click here for dates and deadlines.

Program Directors' workshop

Postgraduate Program Directors’ Workshop

The Office of Faculty Development supports the Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) Office deliver a Program Directors’ Workshop in May and November. All program directors and administrators are invited to attend the half-day accredited workshops. Past workshop themes include resident wellness strategies, competency-based medical education, accreditation preparation, and supportive learning environments. For more information on the Program Directors’ Workshops, please contact our program manager, Erica Amari at

Curriculum Renewal

Our office has an undergraduate faculty development portfolio that supports the planning, development, coordination, implementation, and management of MDUP Curriculum Renewal educational activities such as workshops, seminars, consultations, presentations and lectures across all four medical program sites. We act as the first point of contact to network with faculty development teams at each of the distributed sites in order to effectively plan faculty development in response to renewed curriculum and assessment methods. This strategic direction ensures that faculty development is included in the renewed curriculum and has allowed faculty development to actively connect with leadership in the curriculum renewal process to ensure faculty are engaged, supported and prepared for the evolution of the MDUP. For a list of faculty development offerings related to curriculum renewal, please click here. For more information, please contact our associate director, Katherine Wisener at

Case-Based Learning TLEF Grant

Case-Based Learning TLEF Grant

We have been successful in securing three years of funding from UBC’s Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF) to support the transition from Problem-Based Learning to Case-Based Learning in the renewed undergraduate curriculum. The goal of this initiative is to engage faculty development members and tutor trainers from all four distributed sites to develop a systematic, coordinated approach to the transition from PBL to CBL. We have developed online modules based on active engagement and input from all sites to be used in CBL tutor training sessions. For more information, please contact our associate director, Katherine Wisener at

Centre for Health Education Scholarship

Center for Health Education Scholarship

The Office of Faculty Development is working with the Centre for Health Education Scholarship (CHES) to support clinical educator fellows to develop skills to teach in the classroom and the clinical setting. For more information, please contact our program manager, Erica Amari at




Residents as Teachers

The Residents as Teachers Program is a new postgraduate initiative to create a system wide, programmatic approach to teaching residents how to teach across all residency programs. The program is currently in development for residents across the continuum of postgraduate training (e.g., PGY 1 – 5). The curriculum will address the different teaching needs and responsibilities at the different stages of the residents’ training (e.g., junior to senior). To get learn more, visit this page.