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Updating Guidelines for Students Participation in Patient Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The restriction on students attending patients situated on a designated COVID ward has been lifted.  This is based on student vaccinations, familiarity with PPE and infection prevention and control procedures, and input and guidance from students, and the PEP Task Force.  We recognize that because many of the patients admitted to hospital are admitted with COVID and not because of COVID, students need to take infectious disease precautions regardless of the patient presentation.  We also know that designated COVID wards are not less safe than other areas of the hospital, when infection control guidelines are followed.

Student participation in patient care on a COVID outbreak ward will be at the discretion of the local Medical Health Officer.  As per the COVID-19: Outbreak Management Protocol for Acute Care Settings, during an outbreak, the local Medical Health Officer (MHO) may restrict student access to the outbreak unit/facility to reduce crowding and risk of transmission.

The Guidelines for Student Participation in Patient Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic have now been updated:

Due to the changing nature of our understanding of the COVID-19 virus, we have updated our guidelines regarding student participation in direct patient care.

We now place no restrictions on student participation in the direct care of patients diagnosed with COVID-19. We still recommend and acknowledge that:

  1. Individual health authorities, hospital sites and department guidelines still apply
  2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and appropriate clinical supervision must be available
  3. Final decisions to restrict assignment of patient care is at the discretion the clinical preceptor / attending physician and team
  4. Students have the right to refuse unsafe work without fear of academic penalty

What patients can MDUP students see during their clinical experiences?

  • Students with ongoing personal health issues that preclude them working with any patients with active infections should discuss potential accommodation with their Student Affairs Assistant Dean.
  • Students are considered workers by WorkSafeBC and thus have the right to refuse unsafe work. Students should report any unsafe conditions to their preceptor. Unresolved situations should be reported to Nick Steel, FoM Health & Safety Advisor, at nick.steel@ubc.ca
  • If students are exposed to a communicable COVID-19 patient without adequate PPE, they are to alert their preceptor and follow the HCW Exposure Risk Assessment Tool. Students are eligible to receive expedited HCW testing if symptoms develop and should follow local facility procedures


Principles Update (Updated on January 4, 2022)

  1. Safety of ALL our patients including volunteer patients;
  2. Safety of our students, faculty and staff including those who are immunocompromised;
  3. Preservation and continuity of curriculum within limitations, to provide the best possible learning experiences;
  4. Preservation of promotion and graduation timelines where possible;
  5. Compliance with Government of Canada Guidelines and BC Government guidelines;
  6. Alignment with University of British Columbia, BC Health Authority and College of Physicians and Surgeons guidelines;
  7. Curriculum and assessment delivery to be comparable at the sites;
  8. Minimize disruption and workload for administrative teams at all sites, where possible;
  9. Students should continue to follow the MDUP Attendance policies and procedures;
  10. All Task Force decisions are subject to review at the UGME Committee in line with our governance structure;
  11. Task Force discussions and minutes will remain confidential;
  12. Nimble communication will be provided from one source in the form of Key Messages.


Health and Safety

COVID-19 Vaccine 3rd (Booster) Dose Availability for Personnel Attending Care Locations for Exam Facilitation (Updated on January 4, 2022)

Exam personnel (Faculty, Staff, Standardized and Volunteer Patients) attending care locations (i.e. hospital campuses) can choose to register for a priority COVID-19 vaccination booster dose. In order to receive an invitation for your booster dose when you become eligible, you must be registered in the Get Vaccinated online system and need to self-identify as a health care worker in in Category 5: Other community staff, physicians and workers (all non-Health Authority providers, staff and other workers in the community health sector).

You may follow these steps to self-identify as a health care worker:

  1. Have the following information ready: personal health number, date of birth, date of a previous COVID-19 vaccine (either dose 1 or dose 2)
  2. Go to the Get Vaccinated provincial website for COVID-19 boosters
  3. Use this Health Authority (employer) validation code: Y6383E!
  4. After entering the information above, you will be redirected to a second page to indicate the category you fall into (#5). You will be asked to certify that the information provided is accurate. If any of the information you enter does not match what is on file, you may be redirected to contact the call centre for assistance and to verify your information.
  • Once you complete these steps, you will be notified when it’s your turn to book an appointment. We ask for your patience and cooperation as booster vaccinations are provided based on eligibility.
  • This self-identification link and access code are intended only for identified health care workers at this time. By choosing to self-identify through this service, you are acknowledging that you have received this code from your employer.
  • This link and code are not transferrable. If the code is misused it will be cancelled and the ability to continue with vaccination through this program may be compromised. Anyone booking an appointment who is not eligible will be turned away at the clinic.
  • If you’re unable to register online, you can call 1-833-838-2323. You can learn more about booster doses on the C. Government website.


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