Academic Teaching Support

Large group sessions

If you are a Health Professions lecturer, please review the following Synchronous and Asynchronous guide to:

  • Find help determining which content should be delivered asynchronously (via recording) or synchronously (via zoom session)
  • Align your learning objectives to Bloom’s taxonomy classification
  • Select the appropriate tools to meet your goals

Once you have determined how you are delivering your content you can find support for Asynchronous and Synchronous sessions below:

Asynchronous support:

If you are recording a lecture, please review the Recording – guide. For one-on-one support to record your lectures, please contact edmedia at EdTech,


How to Access Camtasia

Camtasia is available for download for all faculty, staff and students from the Learning Technology Hub:

You will need your CWL and follow the following process outlined on the Learning Technology Hub’s website:

  1. Log in to Canvas with your CWL.
  2. Click the Help menu on the left side of the page.
  3. Click the Software Distribution
  4. Select Camtasia from the menu.
  5. Choose your platform (Mac or Windows).
  6. Click the Add to cart
  7. Click the Proceed to Checkout
  8. Fill in your Contact Information.
  9. On the following page, note down the License Key because you will need it to complete the installation.
  10. Click the Proceed with Download
  11. Click the Download button and follow the instruction prompts to complete installation.

There is no limit on the number of downloads to UBC or personal computers. You can download and use Camtasia on multiple computers that you own using the same license key. If you have further questions or require support, you can contact

For information on how to use Camtasia to record your screen, spend 5 minutes going through TechSmith’s clear and concise ‘Record, Edit, Share’ tutorial. Afterwards, spend a few minutes practicing and using the features outlined in the video.

Synchronous support:

If you are delivering a synchronous sessions…

  • Drop in clinics & slido support information – TBA
  • Reach out to for one-on-one support
  • Try to use a moderator who can introduce the presenter, provide a brief orientation of the session flow, and collect participant questions via the chat box. If you do have a available please see VC Session guide to help you, your moderator, and participants prepare for the session.


How to access Zoom

Joining a zoom session as an instructor

Do you have some quick questions about ZOOM?  Come to our Drop-in Clinic, clinics run daily, for up-to-date clinic times click the link below.

Click here for zoom drop-in clinic information.

  • Prepare a day or two in advance by attending a drop-in clinic and test-running your equipment and software for the session
  • Connect using a Laptop or Desktop.(i.e. not a mobile device)
  • Make sure the internet service and device you are using are the same that you will be using on the day of the session.
    • Ideally you should connect using a wired connection– WIFI may have bandwidth problems
  • Use a headset that incorporates a microphone

Get technical support teaching with technology from Med IT’s Educational Technology team