Before students arrive at your clinical setting (hospital or ambulatory), they will take a mandatory online module on PPE and will have been provided a safety checklist to review (both shown below). On July 6, 2020, all students are required to be observed donning and doffing at their site or by their preceptor.

Suggested Checklist for Preceptors Receiving Students

Site readiness checklist – This document for download will help to prepare for the altered circumstances attending the return of year 3 students as follows:

  • Implementation of student protection in patient care and teaching environments.
  • Plans for telehealth / online learning to cover absence from or lack of access to in-person care
  • Changes to assessment and concerns about and plans for achieving competency despite shortened rotations

Key messages for Students regarding Safety and PPE

The UBC Continuing Professional Development team and Nick Steel, Health and Safety Advisor for the UBC Faculty of Medicine, have developed a module for all students to take prior to arriving at the clinic. This module will teach and support learners with the following:

  • Donning and doffing
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Right to refuse unsafe work

Click to take the PPE module that all students have taken.

See below presentation that was delivered to returning Year 3 students and additional resources for support.

Guidelines for MDUP Student Participation during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Guidelines for MDUP Student Participation in Patient Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Additional guidelines

The BC Centre for Disease Control and local Health Authorities may have additional guidelines to consider. Students are required to follow any enhanced PPE Guidelines at their local hospital or any enhanced PPE that is posted on patient’s door.