Support for Clinical Preceptors Teaching Years 3 & 4 UGME program

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our learners. This webpage offers guidelines and resources to support your preceptor role. It will be updated regularly. To start, all preceptors receiving students in hospital and/or clinic settings should:

  • Watch the introductory video featuring a message from Dr. Adrian Yee, Director of Curriculum, UGME program, Dr. Cary Cuncic, Associate Director of Curriculum, Years 3 & 4, UGME program and Dr. Aman Nijjar, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine.
  • Review the ‘Safety’ section below for important information on COVID-19 patient restrictions and PPE requirements for students.
  • Additionally, those who are teaching in outpatient clinic settings should also review the ‘Virtual Clinical Teaching’ section for additional resources.

Direct observations of students

The program used to assign direct observation for each rotation, however while clinical teaching during COVID-19, students are encouraged to be directly observed whenever they can on whichever direct observation possible. Students will still need to have the required amount DOs for each rotation. (will link to the DO list and the amount per rotation).

End of Rotation (EOR) forms and Guidelines for Clinical Preceptors