Academic Teaching Support for PGME preceptors

We are working closely with course leadership and MedIT to update this page with information to support your teaching.

Faculty teaching roles

Large Group Teaching

Lecture Recording Support

UBC and the Faculty of Medicine recommends the following tools to record lectures: Camtasia (available to UBC faculty), Voice over PowerPoint, Keynote, or a recorded Zoom session.

If a faculty would like to self-record but would like support in doing so, please reach out to MedIT - Educational Technology at and we will assist you.

Teaching with Technology

The Faculty of Medicine is offering the use of Zoom for teaching and learning sessions.

Booking Zoom for teaching/learning sessions

To add Zoom to an existing session, please contact MedIT at

For existing videoconference enabled teaching/learning sessions in the booking system, the Resource Coordination team will reach out to the organizer to confirm booking and help transition to Zoom on a day to day basis.

For new teaching/learning sessions requiring videoconferencing, submit a room request to the Resource Coordination team on the room booking site:

  • For bookings requiring a room: select the desired physical room using RoomFinder and indicate in the notes section "online teaching/learning with Zoom and VC room."
  • For bookings that do not require a room: go to Room Request and in the notes section indicate "online teaching/learning only with Zoom."

Joining a zoom session as an instructor

      • Prepare a day or two in advance for this session
      • Connect using a Laptop or Desktop.
      • Make sure the internet service and device you are using are the same that you will be using on the day of the session.
        • Ideally you should connect using a wired connection – WIFI may have bandwidth problems
      • Use a headset that incorporates a microphone
      • Join a test meeting to familiarize yourself with Zoom


If you need practical support and guidance to transition your teaching and learning to online, MedIT’s EdTech team is offering drop-in clinics for faculty to test Zoom as well as get instruction on how to use the tool. A drop-in will take about 10 to 15 minutes.

Clinics run daily, for up-to-date clinic times click the link below.

Click here for zoom drop-in clinic information.

If you require assistance outside of these hours or require immediate support needs, please email

Please note: for all technical support requirements contact the MedIT helpdesk 1.877.266.0666 or


If you have issues joining the session, you should join via the audio bridge
Dial: 1-778-907-2071, followed by the Meeting ID and # (Long distance charges may apply)

When you enter the zoom environment you will see the following controls at the bottom of the screen:
Zoom Controls

Video Tutorials

Meeting Controls

Share your screen

The Faculty of Medicine is using the Piazza platform to efficiently manage Q&A for learning sessions in MEDD 411 and 421. Students can post questions and collaborate to edit responses to these questions. Instructors can also answer questions, endorse student answers, and edit or delete any posted content.

For information on where to find the Piazza boards for MEDD 411 and 421, and how to interact with students, please see the below guide.

Piazza Instructor Guide