The New Faculty Development Program


Faculty Development has been funded to develop and implement a foundational program that aims to equip teachers in all contexts with core knowledge and skills to teach effectively.

The five topics are:

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Learning Objectives:
• Use strategies to maximize the learning opportunities specific to the context (small group, clinical, large group)
• Integrate learner’s educational history and goals in the educational plan
• Orient learner to educational plan and objectives of the learning experience
• Match content and responsibility to the level of the learner

Learning Objectives:
• Establish conditions for effective feedback and reflection
• Apply principles for transformative feedback
• Discuss tools to facilitate feedback conversations

Learning Objectives:
• Explain current concepts underpinning clinical reasoning
• Differentiate approaches to clinical reasoning across the learning continuum
• Target teaching to the level of the learner
• Use effective questioning to elicit clinical reasoning

Learning Objectives:
• Compare and contrast formative and summative assessment
• Discuss the relationship of formative to summative feedback
• Use practices in delivering narrative feedback
• Incorporate direct observation into feedback

Learning Objectives:
• Describe characteristics of healthy relationships (UBC professional standards) and boundaries
• Awareness of (mis)treatment and its impact
• Recognizing a student in difficulty
• Awareness of cognitive and noncognitive contributory factors
• Adequately utilize resources for student support

*Regional sites (IMP, NMP, SMP & VFMP) offer comparable programs with the same teaching objectives.

For more information, please see contact details below!

  • imp

    Island Medical Program

    Contact: Nicole Coutts, Administrative Assistant

  • nmp-smaller

    Northern Medical Program

    Contact: Dr. Rob Olson, Regional Director

  • smp

    Southern Medical Program

    Contact: Dr. Michael Purdon, Regional Director

  • diamond-health-care-centre-360x270

    Vancouver Fraser Medical Program

    Contact: Jennifer McKay, Administrative Assistant


                                      Each session is 1.5 hours and will accumulate towards a certificate of completion.