For Program Administrators

Program Administrators play an important role in the implementation of RaT.

What is Residents as Teachers?

The Office of Faculty Development and the Postgraduate Medical Education Office is implementing an initiative to help all residency programs teach their residents how to teach. We are doing this by meeting with program directors and providing them with a RaT curriculum and facilitation materials. We are also helping programs directors identify facilitators and train them to facilitate the RaT sessions.

To view the RaT curriculum outline click here:   pdf

To access the RaT curriculum facilitation materials here:   teaching

Programs are welcome and encouraged to adapt the curriculum materials to fit their context.

Program Administrators’ Role in RaT

Once your program director has confirmed the RaT schedule and identified facilitators, you will be asked to schedule the sessions in one45 and set up attendance and feedback collection.

How to schedule sessions in One45

The Academic Calendar (AC) Tool can be used to record RaT Sessions in one45. Some programs may already use the AC Tool to track didactic teaching sessions so are familiar with the tool’s functionality.

  1. Confirm your participation in RaT with Erica Amari (Program Manager) if this is your first RaT session
  2. Use the Academic Session Calendar Tool to schedule your RaT session
    • Some programs have a separate calendar called RaT, while others use their existing calendars and create templates for RaT sessions
  3. Ensure to use “RaT” (Residents as Teachers) in the title of your session template/topic
    • e.g., AHD – RAT
  4. Attach a RaT evaluation form to the Sendout section and have the form either sent out before or after the event
    • RaT forms will be available in your FORMS tab – select the form that corresponds to your session topic. If you are running multiple topics in one session, such as during a retreat, Erica will create a special evaluation form for you
    • You can put a close date on your forms so that they automatically get removed from the attendees to do’s after a specific date
  5. Ensure you are tracking attendance for each of your sessions
    • Either allow attendees to track their own attendance, or use the Attendance tab and track attendance on their behalf

Click to access: Academic Tool Guide (You must be signed into MedNet)

If you would like to activate the Academic Calendar tool or if you require any further training on how to use the Academic Calendar Tool, please contact your one45 Support Analyst


Need help?

Contact Erica Amari (Program Manager) for information about the initiative. Phone: 604-875-4111 ext. 11242

Contact Liz Rota (Educational Administrative Systems Support Analyst) for technical issues. Phone: 604-875-4111 ext. 61977


A: The curriculum is flexible and topics can be delivered in a way that fits your program. For some programs this means a one day retreat, for others it is delivering several topics a year in academic half days.

You are also welcome to teach the topics using different methods, such as lectures with discussions, blended learning, peer-to-peer learning, mentorship, etc.

A: We welcome programs to adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of the residents and the context.

A: Family Medicine has a tailored RaT program. Please visit the website for details.

A: The aim is for all residency programs to have a running RaT program by 2018.

A: While the main focus is residency programs, fellowship programs are very welcome to implement the RaT curriculum.