Northern Medical Program

Dr. Tammy Attia, Regional Co-Director, Northern Medical Program. Dr. Attia came ‘transiently’ from the East Coast to Prince George in 2001, for her first year of the Northern Rural Family Medicine program. Since her graduation, she returned to Prince George, and joined a teaching practice, just a few doors down from where she trained. In addition to her practice, she is currently the Faculty Development Coordinator for the UBC Prince George Family Medicine Residency program, as well as for the Northern Medical Program. Outside of work, Tammy loves spending time with her family, playing drums, and exploring the great outdoors.

Contact: or phone 250-960-5518 or visit their website: Northern Medical Program

Dr. Julia Wimmers-Klick, Regional Co-Director, Northern Medical Program. She completed medical training in ENT in Austria and practiced as an ENT physician/surgeon in Innsbruck University Hospital from 1998-2007. Dr. Wimmers-Klick had been involved with the NMP for a few years as part of faculty, teaching Year 1  & 2 medical students in CBL, Portfolio, Gross Anagomy, Histology and Neuroanatomy. She has a long-standing interest in medical education and completed a Teaching Degree in Vancouver in 2014.

Contact: or phone 250-960-5410 or visit their website: Northern Medical Program

Drs. Attia and Wimmers-Klick will be responsible for the team building, planning and implementation of faculty development within the NMP. they will work closely with physicians across Northern BC as well as with the NMP’s site faculty and administration to build and support the program’s faculty development network and activities across the North.