Island Medical Program

IMPSarah Buydens, Regional Faculty Development Director, Island Medical Program. Sarah Buydens is a PhD Candidate at the University of Victoria in the department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies with a specialization in Counselling Psychology. She teaches in both the Education and Counselling programs, as well as teaches in the Island Medical Program. Sarah has a private practice where she sees individuals for counselling. Her research interests span both qualitative and quantitative methodologies and include mentorship, non-traditional roles/careers, and the Canadian military, amongst others. Sarah has been a regular contributor to a number of conferences and journals, and enjoys being engaged in the culture of scientific empiricism. She resides in Victoria with her husband, drives a car run on homemade bio-diesel, and is an avid gardener. 

Contact: or phone 250-472-5526 or visit their website: Island Medical Program.