Teaching Resources

Competency by Design (CBD): Resident Training & Assessment

This module introduces British Columbia’s clinical teachers to the new, national Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME) system, Competency by Design (CBD) for the training and assessment of residents.  We will cover what CBD is, the rational for CBD’s implementation, and then how it will change your role as a medical educator.

CBL Tutor Training Modules for New Tutors

This module introduces Case-Based Learning (CBL) in UBC’s MDUP, explores the tutor and student experiences in CBL, and outlines Assessment in CBL.

Year 3 Pocket Cards: Class of 2019

Mandatory Encounters and Discipline-Specific Guidelines

Portfolio Coach Module

This module relates to the Coach Handbook and Coach sessions

Direct Observation videos for Assessment

These videos demonstrate preceptors directly observing medical students for the purposes of assessment via an electronic WBA Direct Observation form.

Assessment Orientation Module (Y3)

This module provides an orientation the the programmatic assessment approach for the renewed MD Undergraduate Program Year 3, with a focus on Workplace-Based Assessment (WBA).

Lecture Guide: Improving Lecture Quality

This guide to improve lecture quality includes: evidence-based principles to consider when lecturing, a checklist for student, peer, or program observation, a template for a handout, and a list of reference resources.

Active Learning Strategies

Includes various active learning activities that you might consider using in your lecture to increase learner engagement and active participation.

Student Mistreatment video

UBC Faculty of Medicine presents this video highlighting for faculty what can be perceived by students as mistreatment and what to do if a student approaches you about being mistreated.

Workplace-Based Assessment Training: Family Practice (Y1-2)

This module introduces Workplace-Based Assessment (WBA) forms in the Family Practice context.