Teaching Resources

Faculty Development for Large Group Learning (FD-LGL) Initiative

Faculty Development for Large Group Learning (FD-LGL) Initiative

The FD-LGL initiative is designed to support excellence in teaching by improving the quality of lectures across the MDUP.

Medical Education in Cases

The purpose of the MEdIC series is to create resources that allow you to engage in ‘guerrilla’ faculty development – enticing and engaging individuals who might not have time to attend faculty development workshops to think about challenging cases in medical education.

Lecture Guide: Improving Lecture Quality

This guide to improve lecture quality includes: evidence-based principles to consider when lecturing, a checklist for student, peer, or program observation, a template for a handout, and a list of reference resources.

Active Learning Strategies

The following are various active learning activities that you might consider using in conjunction with a traditional lecture format to increase learner engagement and active participation. These activities are adaptable for classes of any size.

Student Mistreatment video

UBC Faculty of Medicine presents this video highlighting for faculty what can be perceived by students as mistreatment. The purpose of this initiative is to examine all of our roles in student mistreatment, and what we can do in our roles to create a more ideal learning environment.

Improving Lecture Quality to help you prepare your lecture for MEDD 412

Faculty Developers along with student representatives and curriculum renewal leadership have developed a resource package that includes the following: an evidence-based guide a checklist a handout template list of resources

Workplace-Based Assessment Training: Family Practice

This module introduces Workplace-Based Assessment (WBA) forms in the Family Practice context.

Workplace-Based Assessment Training: Clinical Skills

This module introduces Workplace-Based Assessment (WBA) forms in the Clinical Skills context.

Peer Observation of Teaching Handbook

This handbook describes the steps a peer observer should follow, based on the experience and review of the literature, to effectively observe a peer teach and to provide meaningful feedback.